What child is this? A hymn by the same name asks a question that it then sets out to answer tracing Jesus’ life from his birth to the cross.  In a similar way, the Season of Epiphany is meant to answer the question, “What child is this?”  Mark’s Gospel does not have Jesus’ birth story or give us an account of his family tree like some others.  Instead, Mark just leaps in and tells us that the “good news” of Jesus is now beginning.  From there, John appears in the wilderness and before we know it, Jesus himself is baptized. From here, we begin to get a better of sense of what Jesus is about.  After his baptism, Jesus calls disciples, heals a man with an unclean spirit, preaches in Galilee, and cleanses a leaper.  Something new indeed is happening here in Jesus’ ministry.  The old order is being rent asunder as through Jesus, the voice of the Lord speaks new creation into being.  While we are busy making a variety of resolutions for the new year, in Jesus, we see God’s firm resolve toward us.  “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God has come near; repent, and believe in the good news.”