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At our Council meeting last evening, we were able to finish a re-entry plan.  The summary of what a worship service will look like is included below.  As you plan how to best attend, please read the September Newsletter. In addition, you will find a download below with the full re-entry plan.  Please read all materials before attending worship on Sunday.  

Summary - Christ Lutheran Church COVID-19 Exposure Control, Mitigation and Recovery Plan

Outside ushers to direct masked people in, x’s placed on the sidewalk to denote physical distancing, gloved and masked ushers or assistants handing out bulletins/communion kits, someone will take attendance, outside usher will make sure people in cars are acknowledged and given worship materials, ushers will make sure people are seated and following social distancing within the sanctuary (every other pew is marked closed to maintain physical distancing), opening, sermon & closing hymns sung by singing one or two verses, spoken liturgy rather than sung, ushers will ensure there is no loitering in the sanctuary or narthex – any visiting will take place outdoors. Pastor will lead worship from the library and a tv will be broadcasting him to the sanctuary.

(Thank you Laura for the summary)